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Agenda & Speakers

Creating Porsche Passion: Building a Mindset and Culture of Customer Centricity

Friday, November 13, 2020 - 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

The Porsche name has been synonymous with quality-built sports cars for many decades, but several years ago the global brand found itself struggling to overcome customer experience and sales satisfaction issues that worried the company’s top executives. In 2008, the much-revered J.D. Power ranked Porsche 26th out of 33 automotive manufacturers in their customer satisfaction survey of car owners; and when it came to sales satisfaction, Porsche was ranked 13th. 

That led the German car company in 2009 to commit to improving its overall customer and sales satisfaction results, starting with hiring Andrew Pine to serve as Vice President, Customer Relations and lead the effort for the brand to become more customer focused.

Porsche initially implemented a process-driven approach to improving its customer experience. The company listened closely to its customers, worked closely with its dealers to identify key areas of concern, and then designed and developed new customer experiences based on the wants and needs its customers expressed. 

After a few years of improvement, the company hit a plateau and could not break through the ceiling. Something different needed to be done. That something was a change to the mindset and culture of the organization, and a focus on leadership excellence, employee engagement and customer satisfaction in what ultimately became known as excite! 

excite! is the long-term blueprint for developing the essential changes for the future success of the brand and for ensuring that Porsche is known not only for the power and precision they put under the hood, but also for the relationships they build with those behind the wheel. After successful pilots in the United States and South Korea, excite! continues its global rollout to more than a dozen additional countries across Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East with plans for adoption around the world in over 100 countries.

To create excite!, Pine evaluated leading corporate and employee training organizations, eventually partnering the Disney institute to assist with their cultural transformation. The result has been significant: Porsche has gradually improved their J.D. Power survey results, and in 2019 was named the No. 1 automaker in both the J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey and in the sales satisfaction survey. Additionally, the brand has doubled its new car loyalty over the last decade.

Pine’s presentation, “Creating Porsche Passion: Building a Mindset and Culture of Customer Centricity,”will detail how Porsche successfully engages and empowers its employees to provide exceptional experiences and emotional connections with its customers to build long-term loyalty and satisfaction. 

Specifically, Pine will discuss and provide insight on actions and results from Porsche’s customer satisfaction journey, including:

  • - Obtaining ‘buy-in’ from a vast, world-wide group of managers, employees and dealerships.
  • - Making a culture change work successfully on a global stage.
  • - Working with outside training groups to effect positive changes and outcomes.
  • - Managing and maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings in a COVID world.
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Andrew Pine, Global Director of excite!, Porsche Cars North America


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