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Agenda & Speakers

Digital Utility: The Key to Lasting Loyalty

Join us to learn why digital utility is key to a successful loyalty program, explore different ways to deliver utility to your customers, and determine what tech capabilities are necessary to stitch utility into your loyalty program. In this interactive workshop, the experts behind bespoke loyalty solutions like Nike+, DSW VIP and Vans Family will give you the necessary framework to take your program to the next level and build lasting behavioral and emotional loyalty with your customers.
In this workshop you will:  
  • - Receive a framework for identifying the best way to deliver utility to your customers
  • - Learn to navigate key strategic decisions brands face when incorporating digital utility  
  • - Understand what capabilities and technology you need to activate utility in your program
  • - Obtain industry best practices and case studies exploring digital utility innovation


Clay Walton-House, Head of Consumer Strategy Services, Lenati

Clay is a Principal at Lenati and leads our Customer Retention and Loyalty Team. Clay helps Fortune 500 companies adopt and implement customer engagement strategies that accelerate growth and build loyalty. He has a proven track record of delivering successful organizational change, program design, optimization, and CRM operations that unlock business-wide impact. Past clients include Hilton, Nordstrom, Expedia, Airbnb, Uber, Capital One, DSW, Microsoft, and T-Mobile.

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