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Fueling Transformation: Four Fundamental Elements to Enable Change and Growth for Scene+

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 - 11:35 AM - 12:10 PM
Since it launched in 2007, the Scene+ program has been radically transformed… from a movies-focused program to an entertainment program to a lifestyle-focused customer engagement platform. Scene+ has members in more than 50% of Canadian households and is growing fast. Originally a partnership between Cineplex and Scotiabank, Scene+ has welcomed Empire as a third co-owner and now includes a wide range of program benefits and partners.
Scene+’s transformation was preceded by a conscious change in thinking about the program’s brand, vision, structure, and potential. And as it has evolved, Scene+ is changing the loyalty landscape in Canada for members, owners, and partners.
During this session, Matthew Seagrim, SVP for Scene+, will reflect on 4 fundamental elements that created the momentum necessary to successfully transform.
Key Takeaways:
  • By building the emotional core of your program's brand, you can differentiate the program in the eyes of your members and partners... and your team
  • Transformation requires complete commitment to a vision and removal of friction that can impede your journey
  • By changing how you think about your loyalty program or customer engagement strategy, you can dramatically increase its momentum


Matthew Seagrim, SVP, Scene+

Matthew is the Senior Vice President of Scene+, one of Canada’s leading loyalty programs. In his 7 years at Scene+, Matthew has led a radical transformation of the program, expanding its brand, value proposition, membership, and corporate structure to become one of Canada’s largest and most engaging lifestyle programs. Matthew has over two decades of experience in business transformation, innovation, product development and customer engagement in global markets, with experience in loyalty, retail, financial services, and consulting.

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