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Loyalty360 Brand Member Roundtables: Customers Escape to Paradise with Margaritaville Perks

Monday, September 19, 2022 - 10:55 AM - 11:35 AM
Claudia Infante is the Senior Vice-President of Revenue Strategy, at Margaritaville, a brand with a fiercely loyal customer base. There is an emotional tie to Margaritaville that goes much deeper than the brand. Before the resorts, the restaurants, before the merchandise, there was a song. Today, Margaritaville is a global lifestyle brand, encompassing everything from places to stay, places to eat and homes to buy, to consumer goods, and even frozen foods.

To give back to their loyal following, Margaritaville introduced Margaritaville Perks, a no points, no tiers, no stress rewards system. Margaritaville Perks was beta tested by a select group of consumers and twenty-five thousand consumers signed up for the program before it went live. Membership doubled in the first week of the program launching.

Because the Margaritaville brand encompasses an expansive loyalty experience, the data collected from Margaritaville Perks drives personalization on a much broader level. It allows the company to predict consumer behaviors and proactively identify consumer preferences to meet and exceed expectations.  
The brand is using this personalization data to foster deeper consumer relationships and engagement with the goal to earn the consumers’ emotional loyalty. It is the objective of Margaritaville Perks to turn its members into brand ambassadors and advocates.

Key Takeaways:
  • What is involved in planning and executing a loyalty strategy
  • Using data to drive the strategy of the loyalty program
    • How best to gather and consolidate data
    • How best to organize and disperse data
  • KPIs – Results and expectations from the loyalty program
  • Driving success of the loyalty program through proper Team Member training and collaboration
Anyone in retail, consumer goods and services is invited to attend the session. It will be especially beneficial to those in the hospitality or entertainment industry looking to launch a loyalty program.
Everyone will walk away with information they can use to develop a successful customer loyalty program.

Session Preview with Claudia Infante, Margaritaville: 



Claudia Infante, Senior Vice-President of Revenue Strategy, Margaritaville

Claudia is a consummate hospitality professional with a career that spans 25 years. Her field experience ranges  from technology, reservations, e-distribution, revenue management, operations, digital marketing and data management. Her executive management and branding experience from a 10-year role with Hard Rock International where she opened and oversaw revenue and data  strategy for 26 hotels around the world. In her 4+ years as Sr. Vice President of Revenue Strategy for Margaritaville, Claudia and her team have focused on future proofing the brand on all-things revenue, data, technology and loyalty.​
Claudia has extensive experience in the creation, deployment and optimization of initiatives that enhance the revenue capture and data processing power of the organization with staggering results. Claudia speaks regularly about data management and innovation in annual conferences. In her free time, she dances, knits and draws on walls with sharpie!

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