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Agenda & Speakers

Over a Century of Loyalty: How Western Union Continues to Evolve in the Digital Age

Western Union sits in an emotional vertical. There are countless reasons why a customer might use the service, a majority of which carry strong emotional ties. Because of this, the company goes the extra mile to understand and engage with its customers while also building out its digital presence to make the experience as seamless and simple as possible. With this wide variety of customer uses also comes the need to evolve: founded in 1851 as a telegraphy company, the brand has demonstrated incredible longevity and evolution over its 166 years.
Catering to customers both old and new has required Western Union to rethink nearly every aspect of its business at some point, and the simple fact that the company is still thriving speaks to its ability to do just that. Join Western Union at Loyalty Expo 2018 to learn how the company has leveraged a robust digital presence to bring its brand into the 21st century and beyond.
Key Takeaways:
1. Engaging customers on an emotional level to create authentic loyalty
2. Evolving a brand to meet the channel preferences of increasingly digital customers
3. Streamlining internal processes to build long-lasting internal alignment


Maureen Alma Sigliano, VP Global Loyalty Development & Customer Experience

Maureen Alma Sigliano is a global citizen who has lived and worked in five continents (Italy, Brazil, UK, Venezuela, US, Belgium, Ivory Coast and France) and who loves travelling to discover new realities and perspectives. She speaks five languages fluently but none perfectly and thus always listens for meaning, understanding more than the words being spoken.

Currently leading Global Loyalty Development and CRM for Western Union she is focused on maximizing meaningful value exchange with what she considers ‘the best and most heroic customers in the world’. Previously she led different customer focused roles for AMEX and AXA Assistance as well as several smaller businesses.

Maureen strongly believes that all world leaders need to look beyond their day-to-day responsibilities and focus at least part of their energy and assets on humanitarian issues that will shape the third millennium. She is a particularly passionate advocate and supporter of 'Refugees' and was nominated to be Global Ambassador for all of Western Union’s Refugee Commitments and Initiatives.

Last but not least, she is the proud mother of four very darling, multi-cultural rainbow children.

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