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Agenda & Speakers

Managing Stakeholders in a Customer Focused Transition: A Fireside Chat with Western Union & Loyalty360

The continued evolution of the payments and finance industries is not an easy task for any brand to keep up with. A staple in the industry for 168 years, Western Union has continually worked to meet and exceed customer expectations to build long-term loyalty.
Tamara Camp, Vice President of Global CEM, Growth & Loyalty Programs at Western Union joined the team to develop a comprehensive customer loyalty process. Currently, she is responsible for developing the brand’s next generation loyalty program and has embarked on a systematic process working with internal and external stakeholders through qualitative and quantitative feedback to holistically redo their custom loyalty focus and offering.
Throughout this journey, she has examined Western Union’s prior program, researched how it was constructed, understood, socialized and reinforced. Her ultimate goal is to develop a new program that could be a pillar of change within the organization – one that is new, improved and comprehensive.
During this session, Tamara will discuss:
- Western Union’s vision for the program and how she is focused on bringing greater utility and value to the program both internally and externally.

- How she is managing and developing the program in a comprehensive manner by first understanding and building unity from the disparate global regions where Western Union operates to ensure success through shared understanding and value exchange. 

- How using a thorough VOC based approach with consumers’ and employees’ qualitative and quantitative inputs creates deep insight that can be used to build the program and processes for the future.

- Using feedback driven by deep data sets are helping to shape the experiences, expectations and technologies required to drive not only a program that will have emotional and behavioral impacts, but will be financially prudent and add value to the organization.


Tamara Camp, VP of Global CEM Growth and Loyalty Programs, Western Union

Tamara Camp is the Vice President of Global CEM, Growth and Loyalty Programs for Western Union. Throughout her career, she has spearheaded teams with a strategic, data-driven approach to digital marketing that has increased brand engagement, consumer loyalty, and ROI. She prides herself in her proactive, highly adaptable approach and commitment to cultivating a collaborative, productive culture.

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