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If you are interested in sharing your story at Loyalty360's Loyalty Expo, please contact us or submit your speaking proposal here. 

Loyalty Expo, powered by Loyalty360, is the premier conference for marketers and other business professionals who are working to build customer loyalty. Loyalty360 sees this as an evolutionary time for customer loyalty. Brands are realizing that true brand loyalty is predicated on being able to listen to the disparate requests and expectations of customers and deliver truly personalized and 1-to-1 communications and experiences. Loyalty programs are evolving from transactional point programs to seamlessly integrated, experiential, and multi-touchpoint processes that listen to and engage audiences in a reciprocal and measureable manner.  

In short, customer loyalty is not a program. It’s the culmination of a set of unique and engaging customer experiences that one has with a brand. Loyalty Expo is refining its conference topics and areas of focus to align with this new paradigm. Loyalty Expo will feature sessions, workshops, and keynotes that capture key elements of the customer loyalty journey. These sessions align with topics that our audience is seeking to learn more about and that Loyalty360, as the association for customer loyalty, views as the most critical components of a holistic customer loyalty strategy.
Loyalty Expo sessions should speak to how an initiative, approach, technique or innovation is helping to build customer loyalty, or an outcome closely associated with it. Presentations should touch on how new technology, trends, and strategic investments are being utilized in a simple and measureable manner.
Some of the most compelling sessions follow a case study-type format, including the challenges/problem, opportunities, approach and outcome.


Voice of the Customer, Customer Insights, and Measurement
Utilizing the knowledge gleaned from customer insights, including customer data, voice of the customer, customer feedback, CRM and market research to positively impact customer loyalty. Measuring and understanding the impact, outcomes and overall success of customer strategies and initiatives.
Customer Experience, Customer Engagement, and Personalization
A structured approach for planning, delivering, managing and measuring all customer interactions and touchpoints. Tailoring interactions and touchpoints to align with customer wants, needs and expectations.
Loyalty, Rewards or Incentives Programs
Any structured effort, which rewards, recognizes and/or incentivizes customer purchases, engagements or other loyal behaviors. This also includes channel loyalty/rewards programs.
Branding and Creative Strategy
Brand’s identity and differentiation. Creative strategy for communicating the brand identity, its unique differentiation, and how its value proposition is important to customer loyalty. This process is focused on, and moves from, consistent and targeted acquisition building through alignment in messages to customer lifecycle and retention strategies that lead to increased share of wallet, profitability and decreased attrition.


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