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    “What we want to cover in the session is our experiences at Dell EMC using advanced analytics to help us think about and understand our business customer-to-customer relationships as well as our business-to-government relationships,” says Michael Marchand, executive in strategy, innovation, corporate development and operations, Dell EMC. “We also want to get into how we manage these complex situations and the ways attendees can do it in their organizations.  It’s both helpful for our customers but also helpful for our employees so we have winning experiences.”
    Marchand will present “Building a Better B2B & B2G Customer Experiences with Advanced Analytics” at this year’s Loyalty Expo being held May 2nd through the 4th at the Caribe Royale Hotel & Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

    “I think anyone who works with B2B or B2G customers will learn from our session,” Marchand says, “as well as those folks that are kind of data wonks, like myself, who like to look at the analytics, how it ties into the culture change, and how to bridge the emotional half with the scientific half.”
    In his role at Dell EMC, Marchand’s focus is to use both data analytics and customer listening to design effective programs to increase customer loyalty and drive experience value for customers and partners.

    Attendees at Marchand’s session will learn how to do things that improve the customer experience, that are often invisible to the end customer in the B2B and B2G space.
    Marchand will also, of course, discuss the use of analytics. “That’s a big, popular topic that actually drives change and is not just a PowerPoint slide,” he adds.
    He will also discuss creating the cross-functional collaboration to make a winning package. “So, it’s not just one discreet change in the customer experience,” he says, “but a grouping that gets into something thematic and is powerful but is also easy for our customers, our partners, and our salespeople to digest. I’m hoping those are the things they learn and quite frankly I’m hoping to learn from others.”

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