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  • P.F. Wilson, Loyalty360 | May 20 2016
    Recognizing brands that excel at a number of marketing channels, the 2016 Loyalty360 Awards are set to honor a new batch of nominees. All have demonstrated innovative, unique, and, in some cases, disruptive ideas that have put them ahead of their competitors in the loyalty marketing space.

    One of this year’s nominees is Kellogg.

    Seeking to make its loyalty program easier to use for consumers has led Kellogg’s Family Rewards to make exciting changes to how its members collect points. Retailers, who can connect their loyalty cards with the Kellogg’s program, are also excited. The program is unique in that consumers can collect reward points by simply uploading or texting receipts as opposed to finding and entering codes from packages.

    “We are the leading edge of this new methodology of loyalty,” Mark Staples, Associate Director of Kellogg Family Rewards Loyalty, told Loyalty360. “We’re moving away from the code in pack process to one that is easier and more beneficial for not only our shoppers but also our retailers.”

    This new process lets Kellogg create better, more robust retailer promotions. Retailers now want to work more closely with Kellogg and the company, in turn, wants to work more closely with the retailers. Shoppers, Kellogg has found, are more positive on participating in the program because of the new methodology.

    “The fact that we stepped out, saw the vision, and executed on it is the reason that sets us apart, and shows our leadership in the loyalty channel,” Staples said.

    Dave Altman, who is also an Associate Director of Kellogg’s Family Rewards Loyalty, said the technology and the measurement work hand in hand.

    “Our team and our company look at the value of first-party data,” Altman said. “We took the leap and went out there from a technology perspective.”

    Measurement, he noted, is tied to that. It allows Kellogg to present back that first-party data. It also allows company officials to approach retailers about possible partnerships on different programs and promotions.

    “From one receipt, we can tell the consumer bought Kellogg and Coke at Walmart and execute a program based off of that,” Altman said. “The data is key; the measurement is key. It is coupled very closely with the technology that we just introduced and goes hand in hand with those two.”

    Kellogg is a finalist in the following categories: Loyalty or Rewards Category, Technology & Trends Category, Customer Insights Category, and Measurement.

    The 3rd Annual Loyalty360 Awards will be held at the 9th Annual Loyalty Expo, presented by Loyalty360 – The Association for Customer Loyalty. Loyalty Expo is slated for May 24-26, 2016, at the DoubleTree Universal in Orlando, Florida. 

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